This time it’s about an “after meal”….. The homemade healthy Mukhwas…..

It’s been three years I started documenting my culinary experiments….39. Digestive Mukhwas1

The enjoyment and pleasure I have derived out of this pursuit of mine is incomparable; especially when all of you my lovely friends and family have reproduced these recipes in your kitchen, have loved each moment creating the dishes and have got accolades from your friends and family in turn. Whenever you have called or messaged me to convey that, I have experienced unparalleled joy and contentment.

I have to give it up for my two lovely kids, who are my critics, supporters and a huge source of encouragement; they have been patient through my test runs and re-runs of recipes till the outcome gets per their standards.

As my love for simple and creative cuisine grows by the day, I have many more culinary experiments in the pipeline for the months to come.

This time I have come up with a recipe for a healthy, homemade, digestive Mukhwas.

Mukhwas typically is a mixture of healthy ingredients that serves as a mouth freshener or a digestive aid, usually consumed after meals.

I always have a large jar full of this one at home, and we have it not just post meals, just about anytime we happen to see the jar!! Its yummy and a super effective digestion aid. Especially for those who experience heart burn post meals, this one works wonders!

To get going, you would need….

50gm Fennel seeds (saunf)

50gm White sesame seeds (Til)

50gm Dhane dal

50gm Flax seeds

50gm Carom seeds (Ajwain/ Ova)

50gm Dill seeds (Balant Shepa)

50gm Rock candy (khadi sakhar)

2 tsp Dried ginger powder (suntha)

25gm Jeshtamadh powder

2 tsp Cinnamon powder

1 tsp Clove powder


Heat a non-stick pan. Dry roast fennel seeds, dhane dal, sesame seeds, flax seeds, carom seeds, dill seeds till you get the roasted fragrance. Allow to cool.

Add the cooled down mixture to a grinder.

Add rock candy, ginger powder, jeshtamadh powder, cinnamon powder and clove powder and grind it to a coarse powder.

Store it in an airtight container.

39. Digestive Mukhwas

A spoonful or two of this Mukhwas mixture after meals and you are treating yourself to good digestion and keeping acidity, flatulence, bloating, constipation and digestive disorders at bay.

Go ahead, keep a jar ready at home…. Its yummy, its tasty and its healthy….

See you soon with more Yummy Expressions! Till then…..

39. Digestive Mukhwas2


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