That’s like Icing on the cake!!


Weekends are generally more hectic than weekdays! Bet you agree with me here J . Weekdays typically are pretty much on auto pilot ….. Get up, get kids up, pack lunches, see the kids off to school, a quick workout, a shower and drive off… Back home exhausted; its homework, dinner, TV and zzzzzzzzz’s. I mean given the commute time n work pressure and social commitments, expecting anything else out of a weekday would be outright callous.

But come weekend and we see a plethora of feverish bustle and two days packed with to do lists and action plans and frenzied hyper activity that only Superman can beat. Provide chauffeur service to kids for their martial arts, contemporary dance, Physics projects, Chemistry experiments, Robotics, Olympiad preps, birthday parties, play dates, pyjama parties… and once you have done this, you have weekly groceries, bill payments, home repairs, garden maintenance, car servicing, extended family lunch, catching up with friends over coffee or drinks, having people over for dinner, catching up on a movie, home cleaning drive, laundry….. the list can just go on and on and on and on….. and not to forget those finishing touches to the PPT you need to present Monday morning!!

Even with this superhuman level combat that we find ourselves into every other weekend; we are able to sneak a few precious moments with those we love and do the things we like. That’s what I suppose makes this whole pursuit of life worth it.

My kids love to bake with me and more importantly, decorate their creations… Some weekends we find time to bake a nice n simple chocolate brownie or a vanilla cake and then elevate it into a yummy ‘dig in’ with some homemade icing.  Some Saturdays, like this one, if I have fresh homemade butter ready, but no time to bake, we just pick a sponge cake off the shelf and unleash creativity on to it with colours and sprinkles and cream.

Today is one such Saturday and this morning there was butter and sprinkles and also a fresh sponge cake picked up from the neighbourhood cake shop…. Thus began another creative endeavour to deck up the cake with a strawberry icing and colourful sprinkles….

To get going with the Homemade Strawberry icing, you would need

3 cups Icing sugar

1/3 cup White unsalted butter (if using homemade butter, it should be thoroughly rinsed to remove the sourness)

0.5 tsp Vanilla Essence

1 tbsp Strawberry crush

1-2 tbsp Milk

Beat the icing sugar and butter with an electric blender on low speed. Add Vanilla essence, strawberry crush and 1 tbsp milk and pulse.

Gradually add the remaining milk as required drizzle by drizzle and pulse to make a smooth fluffy frosting.

If the frosting becomes too thick, add milk as required, few drops at a time, till a smooth consistency is reached.

Fill the frosting in piping bags with nozzles of your favourite shapes. And you are ready to decorate your treats using sprinkles of your choice! We used Gems and star shaped sugar candies to decorate ours today.

Since we are using homemade butter here, we must keep the icing refrigerated till 30 mins prior to use. Keep your cakes or cookies or treats in the fridge after decorating during these times.

Any extra icing you have can be easily stored in the freezer for up to a month or more.

I used strawberry crush as my cake artists wanted a strawberry flavoured pink frosting. There is an ocean of flavour options using food colours and essences of your choice.  Or even use fresh purees like mango, litchi or kiwi. Or flavour your icing with Chocolate syrup, Caramel sauce or how about a bubble gum essence?? Any of your wacky out of the box icing n topping that you want to try out?

Go ahead… get bold and give your treats that distinct artistic twist!

Unleash the creativity in you and get swept off into the whirlwind of your Yummy Expressions!

More soon….. tada!



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