A Scone with a makeover………………

A Scone with a makeover………………

19. Strawberry Cream Tarts 1

Hi guys!! Hope you are all set to make ths festive season extra special! Here’s something for you to get over the festive food hangover later this month…..

It’s been over a year now I have been experimenting with food and ingredients, and I have derived immense pleasure from sharing my experiences with you all.

All through the year, my well-wishers have gone up multi-fold and the love and support of all of you, my amazing friends and readers had helped me grow in person, in passion.

And I want to tell all of you guys how fantastic you are, and that your appreciation and encouragement is worth trillions for me.

The connection made with you guys with the help of this platform is unfathomable. Each time any of you connects with me to express your views, it could be anything – a comment, feedback, reactions, sharing experiences or just plain appreciation; each of your connects helps me feel enriched and complete.

The tiny bit of joy my writing may be giving you is a source of sheer delight and motivation for me.

Each time people write to me to say that they love my blog –the culinary experiences as well life experiences, both of which I write with lot of passion – it’s a moment of jubilation.

I feel elated, when someone writes in all excited, to tell me that they tried their version of some of my culinary experiments, with the pictures to vividly recount how yummy it turned out.

I raise a toast to each one of you, may you soak in glow of fulfilment for ever and may you continue to brighten my soul with your unwavering love and encouragement.

On this note, I bring you, a yummy quick fix treat for your sweet tooth, a Strawberry butter Cream n Fresh Fruit Tart that can be served as a delightful twist to the boring biscuits at your High tea party or as a titbit for kiddy parties.

To get going, all you need is

For the Strawberry cream,

½ cup strawberry puree

1 ½ cup of white clear butter (should be very fresh without any tinge of sourness)

For the Fruit tart,

15-20 of any flat biscuits (I used the small size Marie biscuits, even the digestive variety of biscuits make this treat as good)

Strawberry sauce or Strawberry Crush

Slices of strawberries/ One inch cubes of Apple or Kiwi

Whip together the butter and strawberry puree to make a smooth fluffy mixture. Adjust the strawberry puree in this mixture as per your taste and sweetness. Your strawberry cream is ready. Refrigerate till use.

Place the biscuits on a plate; add couple of fruit pieces on top of it.

19. Strawberry Cream Tarts 4

Fill up the icing syringe with the strawberry cream mixture.

19. Strawberry Cream Tarts 3

Squeeze a small dollop on top of the fruits pieces. Drizzle strawberry sauce on top of it and top it with colourful candy sprinkles.

This dish when ready is one absolute eye candy and it will most likely be the star attraction among the array of quick bites that you set on the party table.

19. Strawberry Cream Tarts 2

There is so much variety that can be experimented with if we want to try different versions of the tarts!

How about a slice of banana and chocolate fudge topped with crushed nuts?

Or maybe some fruit cube with a dollop of fresh whipped cream topped with pomegranate seeds??

Or would you try shreds of apple with strawberry jam and crunchy peanut butter topping??

Maybe poached guava or peaches n cream cheese with honey drizzle?

I surely want to try an exotic caramelised banana and butterscotch cream with a crushed nougat topping!

Oh the list is going to be endless as creativity knows no boundaries……

Are you all set to explore your creativity? Come join me on the creative culinary journey and let’s come up with some incredible ideas of a tart…

Lets go!!!!!

As I sign off…….  Season’s Greetings to all my lovely readers! And here’s wishing you, family and friends a very Happy Diwali!! May your life be full of sparkle and celebrations and loads of Yummy Expressions!!


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