Super Yummm Brownie: The Impromptu Ice Cream party!!

16. oreo brownie 1

This time around, I am super thrilled and pleased that I got to spend the entire summer holidays with the kids; doing stuff for them and with them. Like many other things in the last 10 months that I tried my hands at for the first time, an entire 2 months’ vacation with the kids was a first timer too!  And I must confess here, that irrespective of the fun I had with them, the kids’ summer holidays have left me quite exhausted!!!

Last year same time, I was closing reviews and revisions and the works in my ‘all equipped’ office space. Extended hours and long commute was the name of the game. I was doing meetings and presentations and brainstorming sessions in the sophisticated conference rooms while sipping on the Costa machine coffee and munching on sandwiches.  Sounds stressful, right? Absolutely right! It was no doubt stressful given that all the other chores and activities were then squeezed into the measly amount of time that was left. Not to mention the twinge here and a prick there for not being able to give time to the family….

I have come to realise that managing two kids who are home the whole day for two months at a stretch is a huge, enormous and humongous task. And I am in complete awe of my mom who was managing the show for me in my absence….playing mentor, ‘fill in’ mom, friend and a play date, so smoothly that one would never realise there was real work involved..

I looked forward to the summer holidays this year. Kids and I did a lot of stuff together this time… board games, little chef parties, baking sessions, visit to the museum, visit to the parks, weekend getaways, slumber parties, ice cream outings and the works!  And when you host events for a bunch of pre-teens who are full of energy and a growing appetite for action as well as food, you have to be on your toes all the time, either creating activities for them to do, dishing out fun food at least 6 times a day and then finally, cleaning up the whole place. Because, tomorrow is another day and there’s going to be a new bunch of pre-teens who are going to ransack your place and you are expected to be a “batch production set up” with creative play ideas and creative food ideas.

It was on one such occasion that my little girl came to me, hugged me and cajoled me into agreeing to her plan of a surprise ice-cream party for her friends. And when I came to agree to it, a fresh piece was information was tactfully delivered to me that the friends have already been invited and were promised a vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate brownie. The notice was less than an hour!!

A dash to the ice cream store and we had two buckets of Vanilla; but luck ran out as we could not get our hands on brownies in any of the few pastry stores around.  I finally picked up a couple of packs of Oreo biscuits to crush on top of the ice cream; and as we rushed back home I racked my brains if there was anything more I could do than just replace the brownie with crushed Oreos .

And as I pulled into the parking space, it suddenly dawned upon me!!

Taking inspiration from my own Cookie Cake I am now all set to quickly dish out some yummilicious Oreo Brownie!!

To get going, I need…..

200gm pack of Oreo Vanilla Crème Biscuits

1 cup of milk

1 tsp Baking soda

3 tbsp Sugar

1 tbsp crushed walnuts

Powder all the biscuits along with the crème in a dry grinder.

16. oreo brownie 3

Transfer to a mixing bowl, add sugar and then add milk in small quantities, mixing well so that we have a smooth creamy batter. Add the walnuts and baking soda and mix well.

16. oreo brownie 2

Transfer the mixture to a lightly greased microwaveable mould and microwave on high for about 4-7 minutes depending on the capacity of the oven. After the first 4 minutes, insert a knife in the brownie cake, if it comes out clean, the brownie is ready. If not, continue to microwave for a minute at a time till knife comes out clean.

Let it cool for about 5-6 minutes and then invert into a dish.

While still warm, cut into suitable pieces or crumbles to be served with Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream!!

16. Oreo Brownie

To serve, place the brownie at the bottom of the dessert bowl, add scoops of vanilla ice cream, then add some hot chocolate fudge or Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup. Voila… the dessert is ready to dig into!

16. Oreo Brownie 4

You may even want to give a light drizzle of chocolate chips or nougat before you serve.

Simple, easy and ready in minutes! And absolutely delicious! And it tastes so authentic, no one is ever going to find out this little quick fix kitchen secret of mine….

In less than an hour, I was all set to throw an Ice cream party for some 10-12 little darlings who relished their hot brownie n’ Vanilla ice cream. Such a pretty picture to see their content faces after they were done with multiple helpings! And the glow of pride on my little girl’s face through the whole event made it all worth the hustle. It made her day and her euphoria…. made mine!

Try this super easy brownie with ice cream treat! And be all set to gather a few more fans along the way….

Will see you soon with more…………..  Cya!

16. Oreo Brownie 5


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