The Cookie Donut cake ……creative and YUMMY… A child’s play!

13. bisc cake 3

Hey Guys!! Long time! I really missed you all and hope you have been missing me too.

Am sure many of you have been chilling out at some cool destinations to get reprieve from the scorching sun. Its summer time – it hot hot hot outside and so, we have been doing some cool cool cool stuff inside! School vacation and kids are livening up the home; life is suddenly full of some really amazing things – activities workshops, hand paints, bicycle rides, slumber parties, popsicles, homemade ice candies, mangoes and more mangoes, icecream parties, movie dates, impromptu eat outs and……. Some ‘out of the box’ culinary experiments…..

Indian summer actually means Mangoes…. And yes…. This summer did inspire me to come up with a couple of absolutely sinful preparations that I will indulge you guys with in my next one….

But this one here, is for the kids and by the kids!

My kids were eagerly waiting for the summer holidays, they wanted to try their hands at creating some awesome dishes themselves. They both are 9 years old… feel all grown up and want to try out many things that grown- ups do. I wanted them to create a dish that they could work on independently and would give them a sense of achievement.  So finally, it was the kids’ turn to don the chef’s hat and the creation they dished out was a totally gorge worthy, absolutely delicious and unbelievably yummy “Cookie Donut Cake”.

Both my kids demonstrated culinary skills with this yummy creation on separate occasions within a gap of three days. The first cake was completely wiped out at end of Day 1 itself. The second one that got made on Day 3, too couldn’t see the end of the day!

It was a hot summer afternoon well spent, with no mess in the kitchen and 2 smiling faces at the end of it. Completely worth it.. We plan a repeat show this weekend.

To get going with your Cookie Donut Cake, you need is just…..

One 125g pack of Chocolate chips cookies

One 125g pack of plain glucose biscuits

1 to 1 ½ cup milk

1 teaspoon of Baking soda or One 5g sachet of plain ENO

Preheat the oven for 10 minutes at 160 degrees Celsius.

Put all the cookies and biscuits in a grinder and make into a powder. Transfer to a large mixing bowl. Add milk in small quantities while stirring to make a thick paste. If your little one is the chef here, you will need to oversee the quantity of milk being poured into the mixture and adjust the quantity to make sure the paste doesn’t become too thin.

13. bisc cake 5

Add the baking soda or ENO and blend well. Transfer the mixture to a donut shaped baking tin. You may want to lightly grease the bottom and sides of the tin with unsalted butter.

Bake for about 15-20 min. Do the fork/ knife dip test. Once the knife comes out clean your cake is done.

13. bisc cake 6

Turn it upside down on a flat plate and allow to cool. Decorate the cake as you like!

13. bisc cake 7

We fancied a donut shaped cake, you can choose any shape you love… may be a heart shape or a teddy shape?

You can let the creative juices of your little one flow galore for the topping/ icing and decoration of their cake.

My cool dude decided to smother his cake with strawberry jelly and top it with sugar candy flakes, whereas my little princess did a nice layer of chocolate icing and topped it with GEMS or Smarties.

13. Bisc cake 2   13. Bisc cake 8

You can also try a whipped cream icing with a topping of chocolate chips or chocolate shavings or fresh sweetened strawberries or sweetened cherries.

Each one of you guys and your little angels have awesome hidden creativity, rediscover it and express yourself with your own ingenious version of a COOKIE CAKE.

And don’t forget me to invite for a piece of your Yummy Expressions…..

Keep watchin’ this space for some upcoming ‘Mango’licious expressions! Till then…you guys enjoy summer holidays, keep yourself cool and hydrated.


13. Bisc cake1


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