Child’s Play…. the Fruity Creamy Pastry

The Independence Day weekend was a long weekend this time and on Friday night itself, before I knew it I was coaxed by my 8-year olds, to give an affirmative answer for an impromptu Pyjama Party.
So by 8pm, some 7 odd kids had arrived all set with pyjamas and tooth brushes in their backpacks.
Kids and I spent all afternoon and better part of the evening planning and preparing for the party games that they would play with their friends that night. The dinner menu was, on popular demand, to be outsourced from their favourite pizza haunt.
So we decided to dish out something at home for dessert. It was their party, so kids wanted to make the dessert. A quick dash to the neighbourhood convenience store and we were all set to get the dessert ready.
We called it the Fruity Creamy Pastry.
To get our Fruity Creamy Pastry going, we got ourselves some easy to find ingredients –
One 2-pound vanilla sponge cake (round shaped one is better)
200g Fresh cream
2-4 tablespoons of powdered sugar
A small tin of canned mixed fruit (if you have the time, its best to use fresh cut fruit like papaya, pineapple, pear, apples and cherry soaked in sugar syrup)
1-2 drops of vanilla essence
Some candies or tit-bits for decoration
To start with, we need to get the fresh cream, powdered sugar and vanilla essence mixed together and whipped with the electrical mixie to medium stiffness.
Cut the cake horizontally into 4 discs. Place the lower most disc on a flat plate or a large container with a flat base. Drizzle with a little fruity syrup just to maintain the moistness of the pastry as it needs to be refrigerated. Cover the disc with a thin layer of whipped cream. Place the fruit pieces on this cream layer. Take the next cake disc and apply a thin layer of whipped cream on the lower side and press the creamed side lightly onto the fruit layer aligning with the lower disc. Again drizzle fruity syrup and repeat till the fourth disc has been firmly placed on the top. Spread evenly all the remaining whipped cream on the top. Refrigerate for about 20 minutes.


Finish with decorating the icing layer with colourful sugar candies/ chocolate chips/ candied cherries/ tutty fruity/ gems/ fresh cut seasonal fruit/ thick puree of strawberry or blueberry. Refrigerate again for 20 minutes. Cut the set pastry into 8 portions and serve.


While we were at the recipe, after whipping the cream and slicing the cake, my role became that of a supervisor only and my kids took over. All the layering including the garnish was by them, their own version.
And how they beamed when their friends raved about the Yummy creation! And so very proud when it got polished off!
A sure shot good way to spend quality time with your kids and let their creative juices flow! You never know what ‘out of the box’ creative ideas they come up with when they make their own version.
So go ahead…. Involve your boys and girls ….. be prepared to be surprised and indulge


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