Mango Twist…. twist it to suit your palate…

The other day Sonali sent me a message on Whatsapp. She was having family over for dinner and she wanted me to give her some quick fix yummy of a dessert.

She was sure she wanted something that uses Mango icecream. So there we were, with the Mango season gone, but Mango flavor still being the favorite amongst ice cream lovers.

Serving mango delicacies with a twist can really tickle the taste buds and leave a lingering taste on your tongue long after polishing the bowl off its contents!

So we met up to discuss recipes over a lunch at our favorite haunt.

Sonali & I

I suggested she use a combination of vanilla cake base with tinned mango pulp and a dollop of fresh Alphonso ice-cream and finish it with a topping with a twist. Had it been the mango season, the obvious choice of topping would have been fresh cut juicy mango pieces. But in this month of July, she had to be more innovative to get a topping to add that twist. I suggested a swirl of fresh whipped cream in case she couldn’t think of something zanier. But being my friend after all, “normal is boring” is her motto too J .

So here is what she got, to serve 6 people, a Mango Twist dessert. You start with half a pound of vanilla sponge cake cut into thin slabs and positioned at the bottom of each dessert bowl.

Then, we also need,

3 cups of Alphonso mango pulp (fresh pureed or tin)

12 scoops of Alphonso Mango ice-cream or Home made Low fat Mango Fro – Yo (Frozen Yogurt made from double toned milk for the health conscious J )

1 cup Fresh cream mildly sweetened

And for the topping – fresh whipped cream or strawberry flavored jelly set and cut into cubes.

Pour half cup mango pulp into each bowl to cover the entire cake base. Allow the cake to soak the pulp for 10 minutes and then leave in the refrigerator for 20 minutes to set.

Out of the refrigerator, drizzle sweetened fresh cream on the set mango cake before you add two scoops of mango ice-cream or the Fro-Yo.

Top it with a swirl of whipped cream and a cherry. Or you can add chunks of strawberry jelly as Sonali did. She tells me it turned out to be a hit with her guests.

This is the picture of what the guests were served.

Picture  courtesy – Sonali

Mango Twist

I am going to try my hand this week at giving this dessert its signature by trying out some novel ingredients along with the Fro-Yo.

Do you want to try something innovative with this one too? Let’s try make this preparation healthier and moree happening. Try out your version and write back to me with your yummy expressions!!

Happy innovating!

Will meet you again soon with more creative cuisine…


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